Micro-shading is a combination of two different techniques: Microblading is manual hair stroke technique that simulates the appearance of real hairs, while Shading creates a powdered effect or pixels to add density and volume, and can be performed with a machine or a manual tool, depending on the case.

Microshading is the best of two worlds. We can customize the look by how many hair strokes we do in relation to shading. One of the most requested looks is feathered fronts and shaded tails, also known as Combo Brows.



Touch Up

(1 – 2 months)


Touch up

(6 months – 1 year)


Does Microblading & Shading last longer?

Healed Microblading & Shading results last slightly longer than Microblading alone, since there is more color implanted into the skin. On average, between 1 to 3 years depending on your skin type and lifestyle.

Not sure what technique is best for you? don’t worry! During your appointment, we will determine what technique is best for you, based on your facial features, skin type and your personal desires. We use the latest tools and techniques to achieve the best results. We will discuss the different colors, sizes and style options.

Who can benefit from Micro-shading?

This technique is ideal for:

– Scar Camouflage: Shading will provide more coverage to scar tissue and more color retention after healed..

Oily Skin: Healed results will last longer since there is more color saturation.

Over-plucked Eyebrows: Shading can be added on bold areas to add volume and blend with natural hair

Asymmetry Correction: manual or machine shading can be lightly added in between strokes to create symmetry for uneven brows.

Makeup Look: if you would like a natural, yet filled in look. Or if you already tried Microblading and find yourself still adding makeup everyday. Remember, you may start with Microblading only, and then decide to add shading during your touch up.

Alopecia or No Brows: If you have no eyebrow hair, Microblading & Shading will create a 3D effect.