A Microblading Correction applies to any previous Microblading or powder tattoo performed by a different artist. Since every artist uses different tools, implants different pigment formulas into the skin and works with different techniques, we will need to start the process all over, and in some cases proceed with color correction. We will apply a combination of different techniques of Microblading, Shading and Color Correction, depending on the case. Some cases may be eligible for corrections.

Please send a clear picture of your eyebrows before booking an appointment. We will go over whether or not we can work on top of existing work or if removal is necessary. Text (714)479-2293.



Touch Up

(1 – 2 months)


Touch up

(6 months – 1 year)


What happens during my Correction Microblading Appointment?

If the previous color is very faded and the shape is symmetrical, you may proceed to book your Microblading Correction. During your Microblading appointment, we will start with a consultation to determine what technique and style is best for you.. Then, we will start with facial measurements and eyebrow design on pencil. Once we have the right shape, we will apply topical numbing to the shaped area. We work together to pick the perfect color or combine two colors depending on the technique. The ideal color will blend with your natural eyebrows hair color and will cover the old pigment. After numbing, we will begin the Microblading process and add Shading if necessary. I do 2 to 3 passes per eyebrow to ensure pigment is saturated within each hair stroke. 

At the end, we will go over aftercare so you know exactly what to do to care for your new brows for the next 7-10 days. Aftercare kit is sent home with you so there is no stress about getting any product. Your job is to follow the aftercare instructions and trust the journey!