Natural Effect Microblading for men, is an advanced semi-permanent makeup technique, which consists on tattooing hair by hair using a hand tool composed by fine needles to insert pigment in the dermal layer of the skin, creating the most natural hair simulated eyebrows following your natural hair growth pattern.

Unlike women’s eyebrows, men’s eyebrows have a different hair growth pattern, very unique to each individual. Men’s microblading hair stroke placement is more sparse and does not have a defined tail. Eyebrows will be more symmetrical but not perfectly even, for a more natural look.



Touch Up

(1 – 2 months)


Touch up

(6 months – 1 year)


Healed Microblading results last between 1 to 3 years depending on your skin type and lifestyle. For example, if you have oily skin and a very active lifestyle (sweating or swimming frequently) your microblading may start to fade after 10  months to 1 year, while if you have normal or dry skin the results last 2 to 3 years or even longer on mature skin. On average most clients come back for an annual touch up after 1.5 years and our out of state clients every 2 years.

Not sure what style is best for you?

don’t worry! During your appointment, we will determine what technique is best for you, based on your facial features, skin type and your personal desires. We will discuss the different colors, sizes and style options. As far as styles, we can go from a very natural and conservative look, only  filling in sparse areas or camouflaging scars, to a bolder and fluffy look, as long as we stay within your measurements.   

Microblading is a safe, simple, and effective treatment. Remember, for Men Microblading we can always start with the skeleton or a light base, using nano needles and add more hair strokes in your touch up after 1-2 months for a fuller look.

Also known as Microstroking, nanoblading, feathered brows, nanobrows, eyebrow embroidery, hair-stroke technique, hair simulation technique, 3D eyebrows and “Microblading“, although there is not a blade involved in the process.

What happens during a Microblading Appointment?

During your Microblading appointment, we will start with a consultation to determine what technique and style is best for you.. Then, we will start with facial measurements and eyebrow design or sketch on pencil. Once we have the right shape, we will apply topical numbing to the shaped area. We work together to pick the perfect color to match your natural eyebrows hair. After numbing, I will begin to create hair- strokes, one by one using a manual tool. I do 1 or 2 passes per brow to ensure pigment is saturated within each hair stroke. 

At the end, we will go over aftercare so you know exactly what to do to care for your new brows for the next 7-10 days. Aftercare kit is sent home with you so there is no stress about getting any product. Your job is to follow the aftercare instructions and trust the journey!