Pre and post care are important to get the scalp in optimal conditions for ink deposit and obtain the best healed results.

Wash your Hair or Scalp before your appointment. Ideally in the morning or the night before.

Discontinue any hair products and topicals 48hrs before treatment day (Rogaine, Toppik, etc).

If you have long hair, keep it long. If you prefer short hair, a short buzz cut is recommended 1-2 days before the appointment to see all areas of hair loss.

If you Dye your hair you may do so 2 weeks before your appointment or 2 weeks after.

Avoid blood thinners 24 hours before your appointment, such as: alcohol, caffeine and ibuprofen.


Day 1 to Day 5

Avoid washing the scalp for 3-4 days

Avoid applying hair products for 3-4 days

Use baby shampoo or PH balanced shampoo to wash your hair/scalp on day 4

Avoid sun exposure

Let the area breathe! You may lightly wear a hat or beanie to protect the treated area from the sun.

Avoid sweating and steam rooms for 5-7 days

You may dye or shave your hair in 2 weeks

Remember, you will see the final results in 4-7 days after treatment. After 7 days you can resume your normal routine.