What Microblading Technique is Right for me?

Microblading recent popularity has generated different techniques that give you a totally different eyebrow look depending on your natural eyebrow hair and your personal preferences, however “One eyebrow does not fit all”…

Confused about what Microblading Technique is right for you??? This is what you need to know….

Let’s start with the 3 basic different looks:

  1. Microblading
  2. Microblading + Shading (Combo)
  3. Ombre Brows

Microblading & Nano Microblading / Feathered Brows

This is a manual technique using very fine needles to create very fine hair strokes that mimic your own hair for a NATURAL LOOK. The difference between 3-Dimensional and Nano is mainly the size of the hair strokes and the fullness. Don’t try to pick one! It really depends on your own eyebrow hair thickness. Remember you can always start lightly and add up or change styles on your future touch ups.

Best Candidate: Dry to Normal Skin type. Wish a very natural look. Do not wear heavy makeup daily. No previous work done.

Microblading + Shading / Microshading / Combo Brows

This is only a combination of Microblading and light powder shading, either using a manual tool or a machine depending on the case. Specially used on sparse eyebrows, gaps, previous Microblading cover ups, corrections and Scar Camouflage. Suitable for you if you normally wear eyebrow makeup daily. Remember you can always start with Microblading and add Shading during your Touch up.

Best Candidate: Dry, Normal & Combination Skin Type. Wish a natural, yet thicker and filled in look.

Ombre Brows / Powdered Brows

It is done using either a manual shading tool or an electric machine, creating a soft powdered pixel effect in layers, (more layers more color) This is the sort of eyebrow you will find on a typical eyebrow makeup tutorial. It can go from Lighter bulbs and darker tails to lighter top and darker bottom.

Best Candidate: Any Skin type. Wish a soft powdered makeup look. Old tattoo / bad microblading cover up (depending on color saturation and shape).

If you are still not sure about what technique is the best for you, I recommend starting light and natural, ask your artist what fits you, see how it heals and, if you wish, get more hair strokes or shading on your touch up. Just remember to stay with in your eyebrow natural shape, instead of going by trends.

Autor: Johanna Buitron,

Facial Prosthetics & Permanent Makeup Artist

2 thoughts on “What Microblading Technique is Right for me?

  1. Great information! I need to book an appointment with you.😊


    1. Thank you Laura! Let me know when you are ready πŸ™‚


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